VRchat Male Synth V4 (Quest Ready)

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Poiyomi Shader Required

Mochi Shader 

Using Unity 2019.4.29f1 (64-bit)

Substance painter

Blender 4.0 needed to use blend files


  • Unity Packages: 2 SFW and 2 NSFW
  • Substance File
  • Rigged model
  • Model itself that's a PC version and Quest Version

What that have and do

  • MMD support (Updates will be frequent on this one)
  • HSV Controls for body and eyes (Quest More limited)
  • Gestures: Happy; Question, Heart Eyes
  • Digi Leg set up for PC
  • Physbone and colliders set up
  • NSFW has 4 genitals types/variations (Mainly on pc)


Synth 2023 Tut

Synth 2023 Substance Video

Change Log

V1.1 Did some fixing on some of the synth parts names for when you decided to bake, fixed the hand weights, and corrected the jaw bone issue in unity.

V1.2 Improved the rig for full-body tracking, added a face rig, cleaned up the blender file, and added a new texture set for the screen. 

V1.2.1 Hotfix; Merged mesh parts from 28 to 6. Now vrchat will scream less now.

V1.2.5 Fixed the jaw vise, merged more meshes now it's 2 and 3 skinned mesh renders. I also made two separate unity files; Both are nearly the same the only difference is one uses jaw Vise and the other uses the whole head

V1.7.1 Added parts to mix and match, Two texture presets to use already set in the unity package that has been pre-done this also includes the parts as well.

V3.0 Made a Quest-ready version, Cleaned up and simplified the blend files, Cleaned a bit of the texture, added/fixed the simple eye gestures...hopefully, Separated The substance file from the main files to make the downloads on the important stuff smaller and quicker. Tested on an HTC Vive Pro Partial Tracking.

V4.0 Lessend Topology, Texture resolution, and Blend file clutter. Made a control rig for posing in blender and should also be easier to export to Unity; Make sure you export fbx, only deform bones and fbx all. Made visemes for MMD, Body slider for different parts of the body, Hue, saturation, and brightness radial menus. There are four versions 2 for PC and 2 for quest. Two are NSFW versions and one has the option of four genitals

Future Addition/updates for 4.1: More expressions, Updates to the rig to make it more animation-ready along with a rework to the old model

V4.0.2 Fixed some weights and a slider issues


I'm pretty simple you can modify and do whatever you want with the model. The only thing is that you don't buy the model turnaround and resell it. 


My discord server: https://discord.gg/jSTUrA3cKw

Unity help/set up was done by my friend Dust on https://twitter.com/plasmafluff


Lux#0256 on Discord



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Blend File, Rigged, Unity Package and Substance file for texturing, NSFW Version


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VRchat Male Synth V4 (Quest Ready)

83 ratings
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